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Mascaras of the moment!!

Olá / Hi

It's been some time now that I wanted to post something about mascaras. Currently I own like a dozen of them :-), but I wanted to leave a post about the ones I'm loving now!!!

As minhas máscaras preferidassssssssssssss :-).

By order of "love"
1. Sexy Curves by Rimmel London
2. MAC's plush lash
3. Essence's Max definition volume mascara
4. Maybeline's famous colossal
5. Magic design by Essence.

Please have in mind that this is of course my own opinion of the products, and I'm sure mascaras don't work the same for everybody.

Queria apenas clarificar que esta é apenas a minha opinião, baseada na minha experiencia pessoal com estes produtos. Acho que as Máscaras não têm o mesmo resultado em toda a gente ;-).

So lets start with Sexy curves...
Currently this is my favorite, very good for definition of the lashes, and it gives them a nice curled aspect, also the lashes don't get stick to each other and the final look is really beautiful. It applies very easy. Well if you're curious at least give it a try. You can find it is the big Supermarkets.

Esta é de momento a minha predileta, óptima para definir bem as pestanas e dá um aspecto bem curvadinho. As aplicação é óptima e as pestanas não ficam coladas, ficam todas separadinhas. Eu acho que se tiverem curiosidade não percam a oportunidade de a experimentar, eu comprei a minha no Modelo/Continente.

Plush Lash by MAC
Really great for volume, my extreme favorite for volume. I love the applicator, it's big and grabs a good quantity of the product, but the lashes don't get stick to each other though (that is something that I often see happen with big applicators).

Esta mácara é óptima para volume e é a minha favorita nesse campo. Adoro o aplicador que é enorme e agarra uma boa quantidade de produto, mas apesar disso tem uma aplicação óptima e as pestanas nao ficam muito coladas e cheias de grumos (que a mim acontece com frequência quando os aplicadores são grandes.

Max definition by Essence
Love this one, pretty similar to Sexy Curves, great for application on the lower lashes. I think that "Sexy Curves" is better because it helps curving the lashes a bit more.

Adoro esta máscara, acho que é muito semelhante à sexy curves e o aplicador é muito preciso para aplicar nas pestanas inferiores. A "Sexy Curves" ganha porque dá um aspecto mais curvadinho nas minhas pestanas.

Maybeline's Colossal
It's a very good mascara for volume, works really great, you have to be careful with the applicator because it can grab too much product and this can end up in a messy application. The applicator is not the best I seen, but still it is a good mascara, I will definitely buy again.

É óptima para volume gosto imenso do efetio. É preciso ter algum cuidado com o aplicador porque agarra demasiado produto e isso pode resultar "em borrada". Acho que o aplicador não é o melhor porque acho que acumula demasiado produto, mas é uma boa máscara e eu definitivamente volto a comprar assim que terminar esta.

Last but not least, Magic Design by Essence
I couldn't leave this one behind, for my experience, this mascara is great for lengthening the lashes :-), works pretty well in mine. The application of this mascara is very simple for the upper lashes but in my opinion difficult for the lower ones.

Não queria deixar de parte esta Máscara uma vez que na minha experiencia pessoal é óptima para dar um "look" de pestanas longas. O aplicador é óptimo, mas muito dificil de usar nas pestanas inferiores.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my favorite mascaras of "now", please comment about your experience.

Espero que tenham gostado do meu post sobre as minhas mascaras preferidas e por favor comentem àcerca da vossa experiencia.


segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

Queen of Hearts - Version by Tim Burton

Hi all,

today I present a look I did for Therasia's contest on Youtube, basically the goal was to do something inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and I chose the Tim Burton version, well, it's Tim Burton version!!!
In the end the look came out a bit 20's, hehehe, not really something I intended but in a way I was trying so hard to mimic the original that I'm glad that it is not so close.
I struggled with the eyebrows, they are not even, but when you're doing makeup to yourself it's not so easy to handle the left side as well as the right (I'm right-handed).
Products I used:
for the face I used a moisturizer by grimas and MUFE's clown white (I struggled a bit with this)
For eyes: used soap to help concealing the brows then I used grimas aquacolours for the blue and the black brows. I also used half lashes for each eye (top and bottom). On the top of the Aquacolor blue, I used a MUFE's blue eyeshadow with a satin finish.
On the lips I used a mix of grima's aquacolor in red and red lipstick for that creamy texture.
On the face i used MUFE's cake liner and grimas in pink with some pink and red pigment for the heart.

Oh, I used my dark red scarf to try and give it a more royal look, well ... not so successful ;-)

Hope you enjoy this look, it was fun doing it, but I lost over two hours, especially because of the white face.

Cheers, Ana

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sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Christmas season inspired look

I know Christmas is still "far" but I participated in a You Tube contest about makeup inspired by the different seasons, and my choice was winter, and I used Christmas as the color set for this look.

I chose to use a look strong in the brows and lips, since so many preferred to do sophisticated eye looks (some are really gorgeous).

I used a light touch of gold in the lid from the 78 palette, and a bit of MAC's reflect gold, eyeliner is cake liner by makeup forever with eye seal drops, and the shape is pinup inspired. Mascara is Sexy Curves by Rimmel (LOVEEEEE it, currently one of my very favourites)

On the lips I used a lip pencil by Sephora, lipstick is by maybeline, gloss by H&M (LOOOVE it) and in the end pinch of red pigment.For the brows I used spiked by MAC and also a mate brown eyeshadow by MUFE.

On the face: MUFE's concealer palette, MAC's Studio Fluid NC20; kryolan setting powder and as a blush I used a pink one I bought @ H&M.

Hope you enjoy, this was fun doing it, but competition is ferocious.

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segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2010

Face Mask ...

 Face Mask ..

this time my victim is my sister... Hope you enjoy.

Product list:
MAC pigments
MAC Glitter reflects gold
MAC Coppering
Coastal scents 78 palette
Mascara by Essence
Powder by Kryolan
MUFE Face mist: mist & fix
MUFE concealer palette
Lipstick by Sephora
Eye kajal (black & white) by Essence
Light mineral foundation by maybeline
Sigma brushes

Video on youtube:

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quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Space Queen meets Geisha ???

Space Queen meets Geisha ???

Well ... I was just fooling arround and this is the end result .. not very proud of it, but thought I'd share.
Products I used:
- Grimas under make-up base
- Grimas white cake make up
- Grimas aquacolour in Red and Black
- Coastal scents 78 palette.

And of course a lot of patient. I will try to improve this look untill the carnival ...
The wig is a princess Leia wig :-).

Please comment!!

Cheers, Ana
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quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

Night look ... strong dark eyes

Hi all,

I've uploaded a new video with some shot from one experience I did today.
I used the following products on the eye make up:
  • Make Up Forever Aqua eyes liner
  • MAC Carbon eye shadow
  • MAC Nylon eye shadow
  • Sigma Indian Girl
  • The Body Shop Shimmer nr1
  • Lashes: Maybeline's Colossal
  • To execute I used my Sigma Brushes.
I had nothing on my face except some anti-shine powder. Hope you enjoy. Please comment.

Kisses, Ana

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