segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

Yet another lipstick palette ...

Hi all,

I know that if you google "lipstick palette howto" you might get thousands of results. But nonetheless I would like to share with you how I organized my lipsticks into a palette in a very easy way.
Nowadays there are so many products that a MUA has to carry, or even people at home own tons of different products, and it's nice to keep things organized and occupying less space possible.
I used a palette from Make Up Forever: Find palette info here, a spatula, some hand sanitizer and alcohol to clean-up and keep everything free of bacteria.
You can either choose to melt the lipstick (you can find tons of tutorials on youtube), or you can just extract the product from the original package, like I did.
This palette from MUFE is great, because you can fit up to 12 lipsticks, and bellow you can use stickers to identify each one of the lipsticks.

Here's the video:

Please let me know what you think and leave out a comment bellow. You can also share your experience.

Cheers, Ana

domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

Not make up related :-)

Hi all,

this post is not related to make up, but I guess I wanted to share with you anyway this funny video about my dog chasing my husband around.

She's a Standard Schnauzer, very very sweet and of cousa very devoted to my husband, follow's him around all the time.
Hope you enjoy. The camera is shaking because I just couldn't stop laughing.

Cheers, Ana

quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

Sigma Brushes - Yet Another Review

Hi all,

finally, I have my Sigma Makeup brushes in use, they are wonderful, fully exceeded my expectations.

Here are a few pictures with some comments about the brushes from the kit. I realize now I forgot to mention the concealer brush, also a great brush. I am not a MAC fanatic, I know MAC brushes are very good, but the Sigma Brushes are pretty comparable and affordable. MAC has, of course, more types of brushes, but I think it's a matter of time for Sigma to develop new products. I own some bushes from Make Up Forever, I like those as well, not as soft as these Sigma, but they're also superior quality, but can also be expensive.

Overall, if you run on a limited budget, this is a good product for you, if not, this is also a good product for you :-) ... if you're pro, this is also for you!!
I must congratulate Sigma for their wonderful development work and also their marketing.

Ah, Don't forget that even good brushes need good care, please keep them neat and disinfected. Use proper products for this, Make Up Forever, MAC and Sephora have products for brush care, it makes your brushes last longer and if you use them on other people it's a big responsibility.

Cheers, Ana

sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2010

My recent MAC purchases...

Hi all,

Sorry, I could not post anything yesterday, I had no time at all. Anyway .. I went through my recent purchases and basically I decided I could not put everything into a single post, so I decided to do one post per brand. So I'll start by my recent MAC acquisitions :).

MAC pigment samples -->
Emerald Green, Grape, Nocturnal Plum, Melon, White, Golden Lemon, Munity, Teal, Pink Pearl
Overall, I am so happy with this purchase, of course they're only small samples each for $2,25. I haven't tried all of them yet, but the ones I tried are absolutely amazing (Golden Lemon, Pink Pearl, Teal, Munity). I also found out how hard it is to work with pigments, but I think it is easier to have more colour intensity than with pressed eyeshadows. Does anyone know where I can find these kind of jars here in Portugal?

Mineralize Eye Shadow, Blue Sorcery
I bought this one because when I was in the store I was completely in love with this kind of teal/turquoise colour, and the silvery glitter was amazing for a party look, but overall I was a bit disappointed of how hard it is to create intensity of the colour with this mineralized stuff. Nonetheless, it is a nice product, beautiful colour, you can achieve better results if you use it wet :-).

MAC Pigments Holiday collection - 5 Haut High Jinks Warm Mini Pigments and 5 Cool Capers Mini Pigments
Well, what can I say, these are amazing, beautiful colours extremely sophisticated in my opinion. I absolutely love these two collections, I have nothing bad to say about it. If you put a bit of water in the pigment you get a kind of liquid metal material.

MAC Prep+Prime: eyes and face (Eye Base, Transparent Finishing Powder, Skin Base)
I've heard both good and bad opinions of these products, I agree that these products are not supposed to be used in all types of work, for instance, I would never use them in something that would involve photograph or much light in the face. I think it can make you look to much white (I am referring to the Skin base and the finishing power), you can see in the swatch bellow, that the skin base has a king of glittery finish, this is not very compatible with flashes and stuff.
For a daily or night makeup I think it is a great product exactly because it makes your face glow. A great tip, If you have good skin, you can just use the Skin Base together with the Transparent powder to give you that radiant look and just say no to foundation :-), I do it every now and then and works fine.
As for the eye base, I like the texture and I like how vibrant the colours can look after you apply the shadow, but for people with oily skin it does not avoid creasing eventually, It just doesn't last all day long, I think that the "Too Faced eye primer" works better.

MAC's Full Lash Curler
Before this one I owned a cheap one from Sephora, I was not really sure if the one from MAC would make a difference, but it does, I think the rubber included does a great job for my lashes :-) and I am very happy with this purchase. One day I'll own the king of the lash curlers the Shu Uemura Lash Curler, well I can't wait to have that one but so far I am happy with this one from MAC.

Well, I think this is all for my recent MAC products. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchases, there's nothing really that I won't ever use :-). Sorry for the lousy yellow background, I was using my kitchen table to organize the products and I ended up taking all the pictures there, hihi.
Please comment :-).

Have a great 2010 you all.

Cheers, Ana
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